Nuda Veritas is the creative output of Rebecca Kopycinski.
"I want to capture her voice like Ursula steals Ariel's voice in The Little Mermaid and then use it to lure sailors to their deaths like a siren because it is that powerful and beautiful."
-- an actress from a movie my music was in

"Your voice is like two angels having sex." -- this dude I dated once

I started out with music. Singing, specifically. I am a classically-trained vocalist. Never wanting to be merely "a girl with a guitar," I explored the sonic possibilities of live looping with pedals. It stuck. What followed: several records, a shit load of live shows, and some tours. Then boredom. I wanted to say more, do more. In 2014, I performed my first audio/visual piece,
Interference, utilizing music performed in sync with projected video. In 2015, I added to the equation the element of acting/drama with Connie (pictured above), a character narrative in 5 acts that also employed live music and video. Somewhere in there, I also got into audio/video installation, building a fucking gigantic TV wall on which played my a/v mash-ups. I joined Boston-based Balkan folk metal band Bury Me Standing in 2015. We are really good. Currently, I am working on Reagan Esther Myer, a feature-length multimedia performance piece about a female junk collector living in a dystopian future where global warming and lack of petroleum has undone society as we knew it, the only hope allegiance to a government thought valuation implant, ThotBot. It's a huge fucking project; it's slow-going, but it's getting there. I live and keep a studio in Somerville, Massachusetts.

E-mail me nudaveritasmusic [at] gmail [dot] com
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