HELLO. Here you will find all of my artistic shenanigans. From my multimedia dystopian one-woman show, Reagan Esther Myer, to my music, Nuda Veritas, plus a whole bunch of other multimedia performances and TV wall installations and a/v collages. If you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email: nudaveritasmusic@gmail.com

I use music, video, and theatrical performance to tell multimedia narratives. My stories are concerned with the perception of and the ephemeral nature of reality and how we manufacture that reality through a combination of internal (biological) and external (social) forces, namely: memory, behavior, experience, choice, habit, social zeitgeist, politics, media, education, race, class, etc. Research is a cornerstone of my creative process and I often find myself deep in the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics, climate change, social psychology, the history of mannequins, DIY survivalism, AI, etc. My philosophy can be summed up neatly through the final line in the 1979 Peter Sellers movie Being There: Life is a state of mind.
At age 12, I abandoned my dream of becoming a lawyer in favor of becoming a rock star. Blind Melon and Janis Joplin played heavily into this decision. I studied classical vocal performance at the University of Vermont and remained in Burlington the following 8 years, writing and performing using a live looping technique to create lush layers of vocals punctuated by spoken word tape fragments. I moved to Boston in 2014 where I started to expand my creative practice beyond music alone. It started with the addition of video for Interference, a collaborative performance presented by experimental theater group Liars & Believers. I took a left turn after that and built a 6-foot by 6-foot TV wall installation on which I played original a/v material. Totally Working Out was installed on the Rose Kennedy Greenway as part of the FIGMENT festival and Sing-A-Long-A-Ding-Dong was part of FIGMENT First Night on Boston Common. I was cast in another Liars & Believers show for which I created Connie, a series of narrative vignettes that told a story through live music, video, and theatrical performance. After the performance, I knew I needed to make a full length show in this format. Three years later, Reagan Esther Myer was completed.

2006 Writing and performing of live loop electro-pop music begins
2009 Released “Songs for Doing Dishes” and “Still Lives”
Touring begins
2011 Released “Verses of Versus”
2012 Released two live albums
Totally Working Out performance art project begins
2013 Released “Meaty Hooks”
2014 Moved to Boston (I am from Lowell, MA)
Interference (audio/video), Liars & Believers coLAB, Oberon, Cambridge, MA
Totally Working Out installed on Rose Kennedy Greenway for FIGMENT festival
Sing-A-Long-A-Ding-Dong installed on Boston Common for First Night
2015 Connie (music/video/theatrical performance), Liars & Believers coLAB, Oberon, Cambridge, MA
Instagram audio/video collage project begins
2016 Eat Your Heart Out (music/video/dialogue)
2018 Reagan Esther Myer (music/video/theatrical performance)
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