I use music, video, and theatrical performance to tell multimedia narratives. My stories -- especially Reagan Esther Myer -- are concerned with the perception of and the ephemeral nature of reality and how we manifest the world around us using internal components -- memory, behavior, experience, choice, habit, etc -- juxtaposed with the external forces -- social zeitgeist, politics, media, race, class, etc -- that also contribute to and shape our understanding of the world. Research is a cornerstone of my creative process and I often find myself deep in the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics, social psychology, the history of mannequins, DIY survivalism, AI, etc, depending on the project. My focus can be summed up neatly through the final line in the 1979 Peter Sellers movie Being There: Life is a state of mind.
I was born in Lowell, Massachusetts. At age 12, I decided I was going to be a rock star, beating out the alternatives of lawyer and marine biologist. I went to college in Vermont, studying classical vocal performance, then continued to live there for almost a decade after graduating. I played my first show of original looping music as Nuda Veritas in 2006 and have recorded four studio albums, two live albums, and two albums of music that were a/v installation soundtracks. In 2014, I moved to Boston, and started telling multimedia stories, an interest that sprouted after giving a TEDx Talk called Mind Bending: What Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, and Music Tell Us About Reality. I am currently working on my first feature length multimedia narrative (music + video + theater) called Reagan Esther Myer, which enjoyed a successful workshop premiere in January 2018 and will premiere in its completed form in Fall 2018. I work in a studio in Somerville, MA, where I also hang out with my mannequins and watch muted VHS tapes over and over on my CRT TVs to encourage productivity. To keep the orange seltzer flowing and the dark chocolate in stock, I run my own video/filmmaking business.

E-mail me nudaveritasmusic [at] gmail [dot] com
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